The research cooperations offered by the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik are long-term, knowledge-creating alliances of different companies with the goal to deal with upcoming questions of metal forming technology at an early stage and to find possible solutions. Mutual support, shared costs and an exclusive access to the results mean a great advantage in knowledge and economy. In order to reach these goals that are defined together, the FGU has a comprehensive equipment at its disposal.

Regular meetings are held in order to answer open questions of our partners. In this way, we present the current progress and make our experience accessible to the cooperation members. Both new ideas and new developments in adjacent research areas contribute to mutual processing.

A selection of completed research cooperations of the FGU are are:

Research Cooperation “Stainless Steel” (Running time 2009-2015)
Research Cooperation “Cutting” (2012 – 2014)

New subjects for future research cooperations are in planning stage at the moment. Please feel free to contact us for new suggestions and ideas.