The market for extrusion components requires more and more parts that are close to the final contour. Light construction for components of the automobile industry can, amongst other things, be realised by use of high solid materials. By use of high solid aluminium alloys, the mass of components can strongly be reduced. In future, a further increasing demand of formed components of high solid aluminium alloys is expected. In order to dominate this process technologically and economically, further experience about the forming property of these materials and about tribological parameters is needed for their economic processing. The main goal of this working group consists of the extension of process limits and the increase of the quantity of tool life for extrusion.

Goals of the working group:

  • Further development of the extrusion of aluminium alloys
  • Opening up of a new range of components for high solid aluminium alloys

Investigation priorities:

  • Surface quality of the press parts
  • Avoidance of adhesion
  • Increase of the quantity of tool life
  • Increase of shape change property
  • Complex part geometries
  • Extension of process limits
  • Method, tool and tool parameters by simulation, laboratory investigations and tests