Growth, organisational changes or the increase of the flexibility of service providers in specialist fields require nowadays a constant learning process and the acquisition of new competencies in adjacent fields of knowledge of metal forming technology. The repetition of core knowledge forms the basis, the next step is specialist knowledge in sheet metal and bulk metal forming.

For this reason, the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik mbH offers one day- trainings for chosen subjects several times a year in cooperation with the Institute of Metal Forming Technology in the context of adult education. On the one hand, these trainings are intended for engineers from planning and construction and on the other hand, for masters and technicians from the production area of sheet metal and bulk metal forming.

In this context, experts from the institute as well as chosen experts from industrial companies teach persons from practice in a small group with a limited number of participants. So this offers an excellent platform to discuss open issues and problems together with experts in this area.