As sheared sheet metal is mostly connected with additional steps in the further process, the properties of the cutting surface are very important.  

A piercing process can for example be followed by plunging. By a cold solidification at the cutting edge during plastic deformation of the cutting processes, the forming qualities of the cutting edge are negatively affected. 

By an extensive measuring technique, the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik mbh can compare different methods and define process limits. In the area of an edge crack with pierced components, the formability of the cutting edge can be increased by recutting. 

We are pleased to offer our support in the design of your process and to show you research concepts in order to extend process limits.

Besides, an emergence of flash in the shearing process can affect the surface in a negative manner especially in progressive tools.
With our research expertise in the area of shearing, we can support you in designing your processes or in generating solutions according to your individual requirements.