In the last years, presses with servo drives have already established in many areas of metal forming technology and lots of users have replaced old mechanical or hydro press systems by servo presses. Compared to traditional mechanical and hydraulic presses, the big advantage of servo presses is that the ram speed is free adjustable (relation between way and time of the ram). This is possibe by using electric servo or torque engines so that the movement of the ram can be adapted in a flexible way according to the forming process and its requirements. A great variety of metal forming technologies that result from this in technical, metal forming and tool processes are barely used in practice.

The objective of the FGU is to analyse with you the advantages of servo presses in terms of processes and metal forming technology in concrete cases and to make it applicable in practice in close cooperation. Here economic effects are important like the increase of the output by a reduction of dead times. However, the servo technology also offers advantages in the forming process. The state of the art shows that increased drawing depths can be reached by a special ram mechanism, like ram vibration for example.