Current concepts of process regulation do not interfere with the forming process itself. In case of deviations between measured and target values, process parameters are changed between two forming processes. So this stroke to stroke regulation cannot react immediately to the emergence of a disturbing value and there is the risk that the component that is currently in progress is out of the acceptable value limit. Besides, it is not sure that the changed parameters are optimal for the upcoming forming process.
A direct interference during the press stroke guarantees a more robust process, a reduced scrap rate and a higher component quality than it is nowadays possible.

For this reason, the FGU performs research in cooperation with the Institute of Metal Forming Technology (IFU) regarding a new, innovative regulation concept, where the flow of material of the sheet metal or the blank inserts can be influenced. This is realized by an alterable force bypass that provides a controllable surface pressure during press stroke.

A special ability and our proclaimed goal is to mount the regulation system in a modular way in available deep drawing tools. In this way, it can be adapted to existent processes and tools.