Innovative tool and process concepts are the key for a successful and economic production of formed components. For modern tool and process design, we offer our supply to customers from sheet metal and bulk metal forming from the first planning stage to a serial method  in  cooperation with our partners. According to your requirements, we also support you in the development and construction of components that are optimised with regard to metal forming technology.

In this case, forming simulation plays a decisive role. An excellent theoretical basic knowledge of forming simulation, material characterisation and modelling help our team to analyse results of the forming simulation correctly.

An extensive know-how in the area of metal forming technology as well as an understanding of tools and processes allow us to develop technical and economic improvements.

Our long experience in the design of forming processes in sheet metal and bulk metal forming makes it possible to find solutions for your concrete questions from the first design over virtual support to a prototypical examination. Moreover, we also offer you support in the optimisation of your processes and forming tools, respectively. Please feel free to contact us and discover your potential.